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IonicSpeedo Features

Now With Ioic 5

All CRUD operations with your Firebase Database

Yes, you read it correct. IonicSpeedo is tightly copuled with Firebase so you can easily create a full working mobile app in just few minutes. It supports Add, Edit, Delete and Read features from your Firebase tables.

Now no more complicated coding is required and it saves your precious time as well. So you can focus on only very complicated custom things. Overall time is money :-)

Firebase Screen

It comes with Login page

Want your app to have a login page? No worries, this software ships with a Login page feature too so you can easily integrate a firebase auth login page in your Ionic app with Facebook and Google login as well as Email login.

Put your keys in the login page properties, enable these features in your firebase account and that's it. It takes Max two minutes to setup a full working login page with IonicSpeedo.

Great control over the List component

Choose which Firebase table data and how many fields should display in List component. Choose Swpie button for edit and delete records. Enable/Disable virtual scroll, supports paging for lazy loading of data on list for higher performance.

Having two cool CSS classes "Title" and "Sub title" for label type data.

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List Control UI
High Performance code

All Industry Standards are followed

All code generated by IonicSpeedo supports Lazy Loading for higher performance of your mobile app. Currently Software will generate Ionic 3, Ionic 4 and Ionic 5 code.

When you generate your code then you get all code files with proper structure.

Some more cool features

Much more on our way


Firebase Enabled

Develop Firebase Enabled Ionic App With Almost No Time. All CRUD operations supported.


User Friendly

Very easy to use. No need to put much efforts to use this tool. You just need to have some knowledge of Ionic and Firebase


Well Documented

You can find documents here and subscribe to our youtube channel for "how to" videos.


No complicated UI

Its using plain but powerful UI inspiring from Visual Studio. So user feel homely here.


Real Ionic Code

The code generated by IonicSpeedo is real Ionic 3, Ionic 4 and Ionic 5 code and you can create native APK and IPA for Android and iPhones and publish generated app in stores.


Drag & Drop Ionic Controls

Just drag & drop and set their properties from property window


Cross Platform

Generated code is fully compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.


Real page view in design mode

No need to run the page again and again to check the changes, see them right in designer. So saves time even more here.

Are you a Visual Studio Lover?

If your answer is YES, then this is a great fit for you. You will feel it very familiar and you will become expert on it in just 10 minutes.

  • Full VS based UI
  • Drag and Drop controls
  • Visual Studio like tool box
  • Project explorer
Well Designer Mobile App

Generate a full working & well designed Ionic Mobile App, that works perfectly on all devices.

IonicSpeedo is more than just a prototyping tool. It gives you power to generate a real mobile app which connects to Firebase database, do all necessary and basic operations with database like insert, update, delete and display a list. And all this without writing code manually hence you can save your time to do more complicated business logics yourself and let all other common parts to do by IonicSpeedo itself.

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