IonicSpeedo is a windows desktop based tool which Generates Ionic code having capabilities to do all CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on Google Firebase. Its a rapid prototyping tool to develop Ionic framework based apps.

You can go to this link and subscribe for a plan.

Well, we are keep updating the product and making it more and more effective on regular basis, so why you should have old product :-)

The code generated by IonicSpeedo is real Ionic code and you can make your customizations in it or contact us to do it for you.

IonicSpeedo creates its own files to create a project and generates the Ionic code on cloud based on those files and download it for you when you click on generate button from "Menu". Only paid users can generate Ionic code.

This is one time requirement only when you create your project in IonicSpeedo. Once it create the project then it download your Firebase database at your local system and then never need to access your Firebase database again. So after creating the project you can again set your Firebase database as private immedeatly.

IonicSpeedo only needs one time access to your database for downloading purpose so you can work with different controls, list, cards etc. It never touches your database again while working or during real Ionic code generation. Your connection credentials are only required for your Ionic code's index.html firebase connection setting, so your generated code can run smoothly.

You can simply login to your paypal account and cancel it anytime. Your account will remain active till the validity date of your plan.

Not actually. At many places you will need to be connected to the internet, like to render proper fonts, Login, generate code, keep getting updates, etc. So it's always better to be online while working.

No, you need to be online while creating the IonicSpeedo project for first time so it can connect to your Firebase database and download it locally. After creating, it can work offline.

IonicSpeedo is not a quick prototype builder and does not comes with ready made fixed templates. It offers to create your very own custom app with YOUR firebase database and generates real Ionic code so you can make further customizations in it. Currently there is no other app builder available in market which offers this much level of customizations in the Ionic app and without writing any single line of code.

You can always contact us on this email james@ionicspeedo.com